We’re the Quad Cities Cultural Trust, and we provide funds to make art happen and culture thrive in our region.

The Quad Cities Cultural Trust was formed in 2007 to support our region’s 6 core cultural organizations.

Why? Because Culture Matters Here.

We – your business associates and colleagues – are committed to the health and growth of our region. And a thriving arts and cultural scene is key to both.

We invite you to join us. 

Together, we can cultivate the innovation and embolden the visions our supported organizations are capable of.

Together, we can send a powerful message to the entire Quad Cities region that arts and culture are critical to quality of life.

Together, we can make the kind of difference that endures for generations. Because Culture Matters Here.  And it always will.

R. Richard (Dick) Bittner 1928 – 2019
Trustee, Bechtel Trusts and Quad Cities Cultural Trust Founding Funder

Few people can be said to have changed the literal, economic and social landscapes of their hometowns. Dick Bittner was one of them.  Through his wise stewardship and generous use of the Bechtel Trusts, along with his force of personality, Mr. Bittner made the entire region better-off, more human and more humane.

The Quad Cities Cultural Trust would quite likely not exist in this form without Mr. Bittner and the Bechtel Trusts.  We all owe him a great debt, and he will be greatly missed.